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Sun-Top 1117 Budapest, Nándorfejérvár köz 8.
Tel.: +36 1 204 0477, 
Fax: +36 1 371 1985
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Welcome to Sun-Top

We would be glad to give you all the necessary informations about our company and products by telephone, fax or e-mail.
Judit Kanizsay managing director

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About ourselves

juditSun-Top CoLtd is a family enterprice established in 1994 which changed later into an oneman CoLtd. Owner and simultanously managing director is Judit Kanizsay who is disposing more than 25 years of foreign trade practice and speaking German, English and Italian. Function of the firm is: Export of Hungarian fresh fruits and vegetables.


Items starting with E

Apples  |  Apricot  |  Asparagus  |  Capsicum  |  Cherries  |  China leaves  |  Early Cabbage  |  Elderberries  |  Gooseberries  |  Grapes  |  Horseraddish  |  Onions  |  Pears  |  Plums  |  Red-currant  |  Sour cherries  |  Watermelon  |  Wine

Hungarian Suppliers

Cold stores disposing with decennial professional experience, engaged in processing mainly goods of export quality in the main fruit and vegetables area of the country.

Foreign Partners

For many years wellknown and reliable businesspartners. Factories producing fruitjuices, concentrates and tin fruits and as well wholesaler in several European countries.